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Eleven years today.

Dec. 5th, 2010 | 12:09 am

Happy Anniversary us.

(BTW, if anyone is looking for me on Facebook, it's under susan_m_wilson@charter.net).

Cheers all,


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Home Improvements

Jun. 29th, 2010 | 10:31 am

So, the porch project is underway. We obtained the now necessary permit, and Rich finishes the demo on the old stuff today, and starts digging holes for foundation work tomorrow. Turns out that while the town Building Inspector is extrememly hard to get in touch with, he is a decent and reasonable fellow. Yay.

Rich's foot infection is mostly gone (stepped on a nail during cleanout last week).

Getting the 'scary potty' cleaned up some more today (that's the ever-ongoing downstairs bathroom renovation project). Cleaned out the tub and jets, so that it's useable again. Sorry cats, no more lounging on the windowsill over the tub.

The basement and back drive are now de-rednecked, and the dumpster is nearly full.

Threw away some stuff from storage areas and general-around-the-house corners. Still seems cluttered, but getting better.

Restored my 'office area' to a more normal and functional state by moving Richard's desk finally (we all share the office, it's the largest room in the downstairs area, but a significant portion of it is mine).

So, having Rich home for a while has been productive.

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Indulging my Inner Geek

Jun. 18th, 2010 | 09:21 am

Ok, so I caved and bought MS Office 2010 (Home and Business version). Got it yesterday, get to spend today fooling around with installs and other geek-like things. Ya know.....as I sit here and look at the little box sitting on my desk, it occurs to me that something this expensive should at least come gilt-foil wrapped. Let's just hope it pans out....I was definitely having trouble with my Office 2003.

Then, a Wonderful Computer-God-Like person gave me some advice on how to deal with repairing my son's computer issues. Anyone have a version of XP I can use to boot up his machine? That's all I need it for....just to get his machine to boot up and hopefully repair the issue that's preventing it from doing that on it's own right now.

I got my new laptop this week. Woo -- now Rich and I have a matching set, and can take our gaming hobby on the road :-). OK, go ahead and laugh. We have a daydream about going to a hotel for a weekend somewhere SANS kids, where we can play games, eat, sleep and well, do you-know, all we want with no interruptions.

This message was posted to my office's general mail list this morning (poster's name omitted):

"Good Morning,I have apparently exhausted the capabilities of my present computer technician in the repair of my four year old Dell Inspiron laptop. Has anyone used a repair service in the Worcester area they can recommend?"

ROFL! I had to delete that right away, 'cause I wanted to scream my advice to the guy to Buy A New One! While that my be MY solution, it isn't necessarily the only solution to his issues. It was just my inner electronic-junkie thinking. And hey....the machines we bought five years ago still work fine, mostly (those are the kids' machines now), so I can't say boo to that.

Anyway, 'nuff Wanna-Be-A-Geek chatter for now. Must get coffee. Must do real work.

Cheers all.

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One day, I wll not need baby wipes on my desk....

Jun. 15th, 2010 | 12:47 pm

OK, so my theme this week is clearing up the clutter. Yet again :-). More 'little piles' of stuff to deal with, both work, volunteer work, and house work.

We've managed to say 'bye bye' to some of Richard's baby stuff -- no more swing in my office, no more really big clunky toys like the little scooter he's too big for, no more stacking donuts....most of his stuff now fits onto his toy shelves (formerly, our picture shelves which may not yet return to that status), and we have actually acquired a 'big boy bed' which will soon be replacing his crib. The crib that he really doesn't use, I might add. Wish us luck on the bed thing.

We've managed to get rid of some old SCA stuff -- some of it due to catastrophic failure, some to the realization that we really don't NEED all of this crap. What is it about the SCA that encourages us to save every last old pot, worn sheet, old belt and dozens of hand towels? I had the goal of gettig rid of fabric, too....but after looking at how worn my favourite garb has become, started thinking maybe I better make some new stuff. That's getting rid of fabric, too, isn't it?

Rich is wrapping up his last carpenter gig tomorrow in Millis, and will be available for hire soon -- unless we start on the front porch project, which we will do if no other work crops up. Yep, the front porch time has finally come -- don't want the mailman to sue us.

Elise is home sick with some mild-yet-contagious virus. Guess we're sorta starting summer vacation early. She wants to go to the Girl Scout three-day 'Survivor' camp this summer....this is the kid who is afraid of ladybugs....I'm not so sure it will turn out to be the adventure she envisions. Gonna talk to Rich about it and see what he thinks.

Going to put away most winter clothes today (funny, that -- here in New England, one feels compelled to wait until well into June to see if it's "safe" to put the warm clothing away, and then one better not put them all into storage...).

All in all, life is good -- I can see a future where my desk is clean, my office doesn't look like a nursery school, and all my clothes actually fit into their designated dwelling spaces.

Of course, seeing the sun for the first time in over a week probably helps the cheerful spirit. Sleeping late today didn't suck, either ;-).

Got my clients an accepted Offer on a house yesterday. Inspections are Thursday. Everyone cross an appendage for us....been looking for a few months with these clients, and have had the most awful and unpredictable run of bad timing, luck and Seller Stupidity I've ever seen. Hopefully, it all works out in the end as it should, which is my usual philosophy. This transaction feels ok so far.

Anyway, 'nuff break for now. Time to tackle more after-event cleanup and those tubs of winter clothes I was talking about.

Take care all.

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Watching Water Boil

Jun. 1st, 2010 | 01:15 pm

Ok, so I've found something worse than waiting for water to boil: waiting for the FedEx guy to deliver my signature-required package. Sadly, this has also given me time to read SCA East in detail, and I am reminded that there are other ways to 'stay in the loop' than reading SCA East, so....here I am.

I am mostly ready for Sommer Draw this weekend -- just need to pack up garb and personal items, do the food shopping and prep, and voila. This will be the last event I autocrat for a long while. My mojo is just gone. It'll be a fun weekend, however, with friends and family in attendance, and even help with the kids (yay!).

Kai and I are still planning on going to Pennsic, if work conditions permit. We have already pre-registered and put a deposit on off-site accommodations, so it won't be a too much more horrible expense, even if he's still unemployed. Plus, it gives us a chance to see his folks, which is nice.

I doubt that we'll make Vinland Raids, although my Atlantian protege (Miles) is planning to drive up and shoot. Sucks, but the timing is really poor.

Kai is working in Arlington this week, and maybe next, and then has a small job in Millis. After that, it's time to finally replace our front porch decking. Woohoo!

Elise is doing fine, Richard is the Master of Disaster, all the fuzzies are fine, everything's just SOS on the Wilson homefront. We have a new closet for our bedroom now, freshly painted front foyer and new TV room carpet. No, the Scary Potty is not anywhere near being finished. In fact, I'm reasonably certain it is in the same condition it was the last time I posted here. Oh well *shrug*. There's been other progress in the house, so I can't complain.

Guess that's it for now; we're really pretty boringly domestic.


Cheers folks.

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Dec. 4th, 2009 | 11:05 am

I totally spaced what today was, until Kai reminded me.

Happy Anniversary us! Ten years today! Woo!

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No, it isn't a full moon (well, anymore)

Dec. 3rd, 2009 | 03:52 pm

But I just figured I'd post and say 'hello' to all my friends out there I haven't talked to in a while.

Nothing much new to report....the kids are all still miraculously healthy, we all survived (and even had fun with) our West Virginia trip over the past holiday, Rich is still unemployed (Yeliz, do you want me to have him call you? Not sure if you got me email on that...).

We've upgraded to Windows 7 with moderate success (it's much, much better than Evil Vista thus far, although Rich lost his contact list in the transition).

The housing market still sucks, unless you are a first time buyer with decent job security and lots of patience.

We are refinancing our house currently, and while I knew the value on it had depreciated, I honestly didn't expect it to appraise as low as it did. Sigh.

On an up note, Rich's new kitchens 'got us points' in the appraisal. He is now working on refinishing the upstairs hall closet, so we'll actually HAVE a closet up there near our bedroom. Gilchrist has been here this week helping out in this regard -- it took the two of them the better part of an afternoon to get the antique monstrous combo washer-dryer unit out of the closet, and out of the house....and of course, as soon as Rich pulls up a new board in this old house, we find some other monkey-rigged item that was done before we ever bought the house, and it inevitably requires further work and expense that was not anticipated. Although by now, you would think we *would* anticipate this kind of thing. So, while he got quite a bit done today, it wasn't as much as they thought they would have by now. Ah well.

Elise is already counting down the days until Christmas, even though she keeps saying she doesn't know what she wants. That's helpful.

Richard is moving chairs and climbing on them accordingly -- time to find new places to stash stuff.

Anyway, that's my humdrum life for you.

I hope all are well out there....

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The Bi-Annual Layoff Event

Nov. 16th, 2009 | 07:37 pm

Yep, Rich's company has laid him off again, due to not having any new work coming up any time soon.

Yeah, they hope it is only temporary again.

Yes, I'm pimping him out again if anyone knows of someone who needs a good carpenter.

Sigh. Again.


PS, Best to contact him through me....

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Jul. 4th, 2009 | 11:22 am

Sorry, I figured it was months since I posted a rant here, so I was overdue.

Had to buy new computers early in May.

The topic line says it all, except I cannot clearly convey the depth of emotion appropriate to the word SUCKS.

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Hyland's Flu Remedy?

Jul. 4th, 2009 | 11:19 am

So, my regular doctor was not in on Thursday, and I got to see the Osteopath at the practise.

She gave me this homeopathic flu remedy to try.

I am skeptical, but willing to be open-minded, as I still feel like something the cat dragged in.

Anyone have experience, or input, on this stuff? I'm not turning up a whole lot on the internet (granted, I didn't spend amazing amounts of time pouring over this).



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